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Scientific Production Association "Atom" was established in 2008 by the science town of Dubna.

In the recent years, SPA "Atom" has gained a significant experience in production of various customized equipment and parts for different branches of national economy. The company has produced a large volume of construction steel parts, dedicated tanks and vessels, including those operated under pressure and in aggressive environment.

Our customers include well-known companies from Moscow and Moscow Region.

We have partnership relations with more than 70 organizations, companies and individuals.

SPA "Atom" today is a unique combination of advanced technologies, up-to-date facilities, highly qualified staff and half-a-century expertise in production of equipment under orders of scientific laboratories, companies, entrepreneurs and individuals in various fields of national industry. The company staff, amounting to 300 people, have mastered and are successfully applying more than 80 various technological processes.

All of these contribute to successful production of both standard and customized items in the shortest possible periods.